Ricardo Vilaça

Senior Researcher at HASLab, working on high performance computing in both parallel and distributed systems.


Ricardo Vilaça has a PhD from MAP-i since 2012. Currently he is a senior researcher at HASLab and MACC, University of Minho & INESC TEC and former has query engine technical director at LeanXcale. His research interests are energy efficient and scalable data management in both parallel and distributed systems. Currently, he participates in EuroCC2 and SustainableHPC research projects. He represents MACC in the national network (RNCA), and in EuroHPC hosting entities forum. He was the INESC TEC coordinator of the AIDA CMU large scale collaborative project and had participated in more than 15 national and international research projects. He was co-supervisor of 2 PhD students and had supervise several research grant holders and master thesis. He had published more than 40 research papers or articles and has served as reviewer for several highly reputed conferences.

Do you want to work with me and be part of the MACC team? I’m looking for Master’s and PhD students to join in the following topics: energy-efficient HPC scheduling and applications; HPC, Big Data, and AI Convergence Towards Exascale; Scalable data processing. Then send me a short bio with a brief description of the work/research you would be most interested in undertaking.

selected publications

  1. A review on the decarbonization of high-performance computing centers
    C. A. Silva , Ricardo Vilaça, A. Pereira , and 1 more author
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2023
  2. TiQuE: Improving the Transactional Performance of Analytical Systems for True Hybrid Workloads
    Nuno Faria , José Pereira , Ana Nunes Alonso , and 3 more authors
    Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 2023
  3. Scalable transcriptomics analysis with Dask: applications in data science and machine learning
    Marta Moreno , Ricardo Vilaça, and Pedro G. Ferreira
    BMC Bioinformatics, Nov 2022
  4. Detailed Black-Box Monitoring of Distributed Systems
    Francisco Neves , Ricardo Vilaça, and José Pereira
    SIGAPP Appl. Comput. Rev., Jul 2021
  5. Horus: Non-Intrusive Causal Analysis of Distributed Systems Logs
    Francisco Neves , Nuno Machado , Ricardo Vilaça, and 1 more author
    In 2021 51st Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN) , Jul 2021
  6. CODBS: A cascading oblivious search protocol optimized for real-world relational database indexes
    Rogério Pontes , Bernado Portela , Manuel Barbosa , and 1 more author
    In 2021 40th International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS) , Sep 2021
  7. Clouder: A Flexible Large Scale Decentralized Object Store
    Ricardo Vilaça
    MAP-I Doctoral Program: Minho, Aveiro and Porto Universities , Sep 2012
  8. MeT: Workload aware elasticity for NoSQL
    Francisco Cruz , Francisco Maia , Miguel Matos , and 4 more authors
    In EuroSys , Sep 2013